Flexible Battery for Wearables Devices

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What would be more convenient to provide power to wearable electronics? Obviously, something which would be as flexible as the wearables themselves. Due to constant efforts by the scientists of South Korea, aqueous lithium-ion batteries have been developed which can be stretched. They are capable enough to power the wearable devices of the next generation.

The highly stretchable and rechargeable battery based is based on aqueous electrolytes. It is developed using the hybrid carbon polymer (HCP) which is composite as a current collector. The massive flexibility of stretchable electronic devices has made them much popular and attractive. They are ready for standing out as the next-generation devices.

The increasing demand for stretchable electronic devices has further boosted the search for stretchable electrodes having higher mechanical durability and possess high conductivity during deformation.

stretchable battery


The wearable technology has wearable devices, tech togs, or fashion electronics which are smart electronic devices capable of being worn as accessories or implants on the body. They are basically composed of microcontrollers. Wearables prove to be highly useful by making the technology prevalent and incorporating it into our day to day life.

We can extensively feel the benefits and ease of the emerging technology along with staying in our own comfort zone. The history of wearable technology relates to the ubiquitous computing. An early piece of wearable technology was developed in the form of a calculator watch. As a remark of much development and progress of technology, today there are many wearables which can easily be worn and used for ease. They are used for many purposes such as media devices, communication gadgets, fashion statement, fitness tracker, sports tracker, and monitoring of various health issues.

Some of the famous wearable devices available in the market are:

JawBone UP

JawBone UP

It is one of the most popular fitness bands and proves to be useful by understanding the sleep cycles so that they can move and eat better. It is linked to an app known as UP app. It is even capable of setting up challenges and celebrating the milestones to stay fit and eat well.

Samsung Gear 2

Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch

The Gear 2 by Samsung has evolved as a high-tech smartwatch. The best part of its technology is its display which is 1.63 inch SUPER AM OLED and a pixel resolution of 320 x 320. It can be used for answering the calls while driving. It is bound to the users of Samsung phones as it pairs only with some galaxy devices.

Fitbit Flex

Fitbit flex

This cute band is highly flexible as the name suggests and is used to keep an eye on our daily routines. It aims at keeping us fit even without going to a gym.

Google Glass

Google glasses

It is the most talked about wearable eyewear in the world. It displays all the information on a smartphone and works as a handsfree. One can communicate to the internet by the voice commands in a general language. One can have all the insights of a google search upon wearing these glasses.

Many other technologies can be named such as the NuMetrex Fabric Chest Strap, GoQii, LECHAL GPS Shoes, Fin Ring, and many more.

A research led by Professor Soojin Park of Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), has solved the various issues regarding the stretchable electrodes. They have developed it using a polymer composite which is conductive in nature and is composed of hybrid carbon fillers. These fillers contain carbon nanotubes and carbon black in a simple solution process. HCP composite s able to retain its conductive properties even under strain.

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