Is Smoking Cannabis Making You More Depressed?

1 month ago Saloni Hindocha 0

Cannabis or weed (the modern teens call it) has a cerebral effect when smoked. Cannabis was initially used in a variety of things like papers, materials, and medicines and not as a drug. But later when people realized its effect, they started smoking it. Smoking cannabis is well known to lessen the feeling of depression. Thus many teens use cannabis to combat their depression issues. But is it really true that cannabis smoking helps you feel less depressed? Well, here is the answer. A recent scientific research proved that teens who start smoking weed early in their lives are more prone to depression and getting negative thoughts and emotions.

Smoking Cannabis

According to researchers, people who frequently take weed or cannabis have an altered brain function which is the cause of all the negative emotions and an increased risk of psychosis. This is more prominent in people who started doing cannabis at a young age. The study findings imply upon the long-term negative effects of smoking cannabis on human brain and behavior. Dr. Peter Manza, Dardo Tomasi and Nora Volkow of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, Bethesda, Maryland, observed 441 normal young adults with no drug abuse history and then compared a smaller set of 30 individuals who met the criteria for cannabis smoking with 30 controls. The results were shocking.

Smoking Cannabis to stay High

People with a history of smoking cannabis had abnormally high connectivity in regions of the brain which are important for reward processing and habit formation.  These are the same regions responsible for psychosis according to the previous research. Dr. Cameron Carter explained by saying that the data of the research shows that high cannabis dependency can cause changes in brain systems involved in reward and psychopathology and thus heavy use of this popular drug can lead to depression and other severe forms of mental illness or disorder. These brain alterations also cause heightened forms of negative emotionality like alienation where a person starts feeling hostility and rejection from others.

These negative emotions have found more in people with a heavy cannabis smoking habit. It is the strongest of the people who started smoking cannabis at a very early age. Adolescence is a time for brain development and smoking cannabis is certainly proving detrimental to that. The research can be found in Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuro Imaging journal.