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                  Don’t be afraid of your periodPERIOD

To all the girls reading this please don’t lose your inner-self if you are going through your period. The period could be the most beautiful phase of your month.  All you need to do is change your mindset. Feel free to share your problems, your doubts,  with your elder or your friend or the one who is your closest.

Period( Menstruation) starts when you reach puberty. When your parent’s contribution is successful in making a baby girl, the total number of eggs are defined, no more egg is added up-to it after. As you reach your puberty because of hormonal changes you face your first menses called as menarche. After this the cycle is repeated almost after 28-30 days, this can vary from person to person. Each month alternate ovary release egg and if fertilization doesn’t occur this will come out of your body along with endometrium lining of the uterus which was prepared for the implantation of a fetus and taking care of it for further development.

Some of us may face severe pain in the lower abdomen and upper thighs, this is because your uterus is facing cramps. Don’t worry dear. I have got a solution for you:

1) Drink a glass of hot water. It will ease your pain and you will feel relief for a while.

2) Use hot water bag. As heat heals your cramps. Keep it on your abdomen or your thighs and let it be there for a while. You will feel better.

3) If this problem persists for a long time then visit your doctor. And Take the prescribed precautions and medication.

Things you need to avoid:

1) Avoid stress.

2) Avoid power yoga.

3) Avoid junk food.

4) Avoid heavy exercise.

Your body is really delicate during these days so you should feed your beloved body with life, happiness, fruits, juices, and vegetables. As you are releasing a huge amount of iron so be focused on feeding yourself with a healthy diet.

Do’s during the period:

1)  Change your sanitary pad after every 6 hours.Keeping it more than this can lead to the growth of many microbes and hence you are exposed to various kinds of infections and disease. Avoid such kind of problems as it may cause several complications during your pregnancy.

2) Keep calm and do meditation. It will make you feel better.

3) Be punctual with your meal. As you are releasing lots of minerals and vitamins so to compensate this eat your food on time, you need this or else you will become weak.

4) Take rest. It’s not bad if you give some time to your body and think about its need.

Be happy! these days are no different from other days of your month. Its just your body is expecting much pamper, care and attention from you, which you are failing to give because of your busy schedule. You are extra delicate at this time. This blood is of the same blood which you see from any part of your body after an injury, this is not impure. Don’t be trapped into superstitions and hating your body in this phase. Things are changing and your beloved body is facing something different than usual. Be happy and take care of yourself.


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