Why is digital detox a necessity?

3 weeks ago Anamika Dutta 0

Once cellphones were only real in imagination and the idea of such an impeccable gadget is now a casualty. As if, life does not go normal without it but actually, we were all fine before it emerged.The greatest issue of these gadgets is that they are an addiction in disguise, it came like a package along with the development of various social platforms and growth of the economy. Such is the impact of the digital media in our lives that our world shall collapse if we try to give it up.


From the perspective of a human being, anything that reduces stress and can be distracting enough to cure the daily problems of regular lifestyle is acceptable to culminate in life.Well, if not a cure, then a major outlook is that a single click in the digital world can provide loads of information that we were not accessing earlier.


Connecting people on various social media platforms have not only improved personal life but also work life on a different level.But what is the major thing that we are really missing here? We are constantly dependent upon a device which cannot be curtailed because of the necessary niche it has occupied in our everyday lives.There is only one natural way out to be more human sometimes and less interaction with robots.The key is to give the space to your technological needs once in a day and let be totally human.


Things that can be changed to be really connected in our lives to stay disconnected online can help us get a purposeful direction to what we actually seek.If we want to combat the detoxifying game, things that actually help should include the following little changes every day.

1.We don’t have to answer every ping or ding every time. If it is urgent then rules can be altered.

2.Life does not come with a digital guarantee.Why care about uploads so much and deceptive showcase of life?

3.Meditation is important.From every radiation that we grasp from these devices is not only a threat to health but also mindfulness.So being a little firm towards mental well being is healthy.

4.Why are we always clinging towards T.V. or digital devices when we have our loved ones around? Talk with real people and meet friends in person.

5.Setting a purpose instead of pointlessly scrolling the screen of your phone or laptop.

6.Work emails are necessary but not when you are on vacation.Try to separate a time slot for replying to work as and when suitable.

7.Keep a “me time” where we think about no one or no device except our mindfulness and helping us to find a new direction.