“WE DO HAVE KIDS” – Plants

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R.H. Whittaker broadly classified organisms into five major groups namely: Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Animalia. Plants are more developed than below three kingdoms, they are eukaryotic and has a prominent cell wall mainly composed of cellulose. They are mainly autotrophic (photosynthetic), while some are heterotrophic.

"WE DO HAVE KIDS" - Plants

Plants have three major group of classification: Thallophyta, Bryophyta, Pteridophyta, Gymnosperm, and Angiosperm. The classification is like from going Thallophyta to an Angiosperm level of organization improves, you can see more advancement while moving forward. Mode of reproduction can be asexual or sexual.

Groups Gymnosperms and Angiosperms are quite different from other three. Gymnos-naked and sperms-seeds, plants with naked seeds are classified under gymnosperm. The ovary is not covered by ovary wall and seed remain exposed even after post-fertilization. They are medium-sized trees or tall trees or shrubs, with Sequoia being one of the tallest tree species. While Angiosperms are those which posses covered seeds. They are flower-bearing plants.

"WE DO HAVE KIDS" - Plants

The beautiful flowers you see everywhere belong to Angiosperms only. They reproduce sexually by male gamete contained within pollen grains and female gamete inside the ovary, and flower providing a home to them. On maturation anther release pollen grains via the process known as pollinationthese grains land on the stigma of the Pistil. If they are a perfect match then pollen tube is germinated inside the pistil from stigma to style and reaching ovary. The ovary has ovule and within ovule female gametophyte is present known as embryo-sac. This sac posses two group of three cells at the upper and bottom side and two free nuclei at the center. The pollen grain contains two male gametophyte, the first one pierces through synergids and fuses with egg the process is called syngamy, while the other one reaches to free nuclei and fuses with them resulting in the formation of PEN(primary endosperm nucleus) and hence called triple-fusion. Since this includes two events therefore known as double fertilization. PEN provides nutrition to the developing embryo.

Hence plant gets successful is making a baby, and the final product is seed. Which give rise to a new plant and the cycle is ready to repeat itself. You can store them within required conditions, and once they get the optimum level of everything they grow and becomes a beautiful plant. This plant hence possesses beautiful flowers which enhances our surrounding. And as she grows up she is ready to provide a home to a growing fetus. 

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