Patent dispute-Apple to pay patent dispute

7 months ago Saeeda Amina 0

US District Judge William Conley ordered the apple company to pay $502 million to Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation of University of Wisconsin-Madison‘s for infringing the University’s patent.

apple to face patent dispute

Conley said in his ruling that  Apple continued to infringe on the UW patent after the jury’s verdict, until the patent expired in December 2016.

The patent was for “predictor circuit” which was designed by the computer science professor Gurindar Sohi and three students of the university, to fasten the processing by predicting the instructions of the user.The patent headlined a way to boost computing performance by predicting how processors are about to be used.

This case was started in 2014  that claimed Apple’s use of the invention in its A7, A8 and A8X processors, which are found in devices including the iPhone 5S and the iPad Air 2.

Apple was ordered at that time to pay $234 million for when it lost the case accused by the University for using the technology in its iPhone chip without their permission.

But as Apple didn’t reform that so became liable to pay additional payout and also adjured the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to review the validity of the patent but they rejected that bid.

Moreover, it is a hope that case will result in the settlement as it happened before that WARF did case upon Sony, Toshiba, and Samsung in 2002, Siemens and AMD in 2006 and Intel in 2008 that ended it with settlements.

Spokesperson of both the sides refused to give comments about the case but court papers indicate Apple will appeal the decision.

As William Conley said he would not rule in that case until Apple has had an opportunity to appeal the 2015 jury verdict, Apple hopes that they will get rid off of this case by appealing against the verdict.But until Apple’s appeal is not considered, the follow-up action is been put on hold.