Roadkills: An app to Preserve

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Roadkills: An app to Preserve by Shruti Goel

Wild animals are the ones which are undomesticated. There is no one to take care and look after them. They are also living beings and have full right to live and to share the piece of earth with us. They have their own natural habitats but they are unsafe in their own regions as well. The roads that cut through the habitats of the wild animals pose a threat to their life. They are being killed on the roads and railway lines which are constructed on their land. They deserve to live there but are being illegally killed in the roads and railway accidents. In order to protect the wildlife a small step has been taken by the Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT). They have launched a mobile-based application, ‘Roadkills’, on 21 January.

The newly launched application ‘Roadkills’ will help the citizens to report the killings of wild animals. This can be made possible by uploading geo-tagged photographs onto a public forum. It can prove helpful in identifying the crucial road and railway lines that require measures of mitigation.

Protect the wild animals from roadkills

About the App

‘Roadkills’ is an android app which is much easy to use. It accesses the information about the location of the users from phones and allows them to upload the photographs of dead wild animals on roads or railway lines. The users can include the information about the species and sub-species to which the animals belong to and the area where the roadkill was seen. This is made possible with the resulting geo-tagged photographs.

A database will be prepared from the information of all the records which are reported from across India. The results from this citizen science initiative compiled as a database can soon be viewed on a map on the campaign’s website ( The students, wildlife researchers or infrastructure agencies will be allowed to access the detailed data free of cost. The wildlife NGO, The Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) which developed the app, will share the data under a Creative Commons license to the ones who may need it for studying the patterns of wildlife deaths on roads and railway lines.Roadkills is an android app

Useful Aspects

  • The crucial sections of the roads and railway lines can be generated from this application. It would pinpoint the regions where animal deaths have been high and hence require urgent mitigation measures.
  • The data will also help to determine which species are more at risk so that protective measures can be taken for them.
  • Tells about the specific road or rail stretches on which the species might be at risk. Then ideal mitigation measures are undertaken, suitable for a particular location like underpasses and overpasses for large animals, and canopy bridges for arboreous ones like monkeys.

Save the animals from roadkills through the map

Wildlife biologist Milind Pariwakam of WCT says that the major cause behind the roadkills of wild animals is the unplanned development of roads and railway lines. WCT hopes that their planning behind developing this app would work, and it would help to plan better infrastructure needs. It would be able to develop win-win solutions for wildlife to make the infrastructure smart and green.

The progress of the application is much motivating. 500 People have installed it so far and will soon be launched as an application on IOS. In future, it will also serve the regional language users.

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