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                                                         TECHNO TRENDS TO WATCH IN 2018

The world is changing every day, whether it is small changes or big leaps in terms of technology.We are widely accepting the new advancements in technologies, which in turn is also becoming a necessity in our life.Everybody knows that day by day technology is reshaping the world, it is fascinating to imagine what next will come.

I am highlighting some technology trends that surely will amaze you in 2018.

Techno Trend 1. Advancement in artificial intelligence :

In nutshell for newbies, Artificial intelligence is basically a computer system which acquires human intelligence.The philosophy behind this is “can machine think and act like a human”.Artificial intelligence is a science and technology based on disciplines such as Computer Science, Mathematics, Linguistics, Psychology, Biology, and Engineering.Some of its applications include:

  • Expert systems: They are systems which gives the best decision, advice as given by the experts to the user.It does not require human instructions to give its advice.Like, in mobile phones we have autotype option which is an expert system.The doctors take advice from expert system sometimes to cure.
  • The capacity to recognize a voice (i.e speech recognition) in some predefined languages and comprehending it to a sentence while human talks to it, provides a great reliability.It also handles disturbances in a voice.The face recognition is very helpful in security concerned fields where faces are recognized by a computer system.
  • Intelligent robots: Robots are made to perform tasks given by humans.They have inbuilt sensors to react according to the physical environment.Recently, in a fest at IIT Bombay, a humanoid robot named Sophia was introduced which is an example of the great creation of AI.
  • Gaming: AI is also exploring its wings in the field of video games, which provides adaptive, responsive or intelligence (like of a human) to non-player characters.
artificial intelligence to transform the world.

The Artificial intelligence is not just fixed in above-defined fields, the use of new algorithms and programming used in the pace of innovations in AI is going to change the world very soon.

Techno Trend 2. 5G to faster the world :

Imagine a time when you can download a 1GB media within 4 minutes, fortunately, yes, 5G will do this for you.

The fifth generation network technology will be on the market by 2019.It is a new evolution of 4G LTE, which is currently used for wireless mobile networks.Earlier, in 1990s 2G came which was meant for communicating with texts, then came 3G with photo sharing property, and then the latest version 4G that we are using have faster internet connections and good streaming video capacity.It is predicted that 5G will transfer data 10 times faster as compared to 4G.The high frequencies are used to transfer the data in a fraction of the time.

What is different about 5G : 

5G aims at making mobile communication more faster and making more and more devices go online with minimum delays.The greater bandwidth supports new technologies such as:

  • It will support small, inexpensive, low power devices such that they can connect to other devices along with the several sensors on the internet.
  • Self-driving cars communicating with signals and messages and we can say everything on the road will be talking in future.
  • Smart watches that reminds you of your plans from time to time.
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality supported devices are going to bang, encouraged by 5G.It is going to be the high time for game lovers.The game Pokemon Go, which made the world crazy uses augmented reality.
  • The efficiency of power consumed will increase.It will adjust its power usage accordingly with the connected load.


The entire setup for 5G would be cost-effective, which will include upgrades to base stations, radio towers.The use of radio frequencies (in GHz) may overcrowd the signal.

Techno Trend 3. Bots present everywhere to service you:

Have you thought how you order anything online without talking to the shopkeeper, whom you talk whenever you make calls to airline reservations or during bank inquiry?

Bots to take over the world this year

Bots are like virtual service agents which use artificial intelligence that makes the human works easier and saves time.It does the daily routine tedious work, hence relieving the humans.They are used widely in various applications and social sites.The facebook messenger, Skype etc uses bolts through which users interact.There are different types of bots introduced such as chatbots, informational bots, transactional bots and so on. There also exist some bad bots like spammers, scrapers which attacks website, slow down the servers, steals the content etc.To have control over such bots, the new trends are introduced.

It is in use for long years but the advancements introduced in this field is surely going to take over the world very soon.

It can do more than that of responding to a question, reminding you like “It is the time to take pills, hurry up” or whispering in your earDon’t buy this product, it is costly here“.Bots can take care of your children, set the alarm for you, act as financial advisor, also may provide you timely information such as about weather, latest news and so on.

Techno Trend 4. Blockchains goes mainstream:

The security concern is paramount for big financial investors, and blockchain technology is paving the way for it.In blockchains, the records, as well as transactions (public or private), is linked to one another through a chain such that whenever a change is made in one record the overall system gets updated.Every record is encrypted and the one who wants to access it needs a decrypting code(or, a private key).This system does not require any intermediaries(third party such as banks) to handle the process.

It has very wide applications such as in companies, where managing, updating, deletion of contacts, insurance management etc is a tedious work and difficult to manage.

The government records can be safely placed in blockchains as several copies of one record are placed at multiple sites forming a network thus, making hard for hackers as it will require changes at every single record present in the network.


This technology will result in many more wide applications used in everyday life, the innovations in this field will surely change the life dramatically.