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In the nation, where we talk about women literacy, women empowerment, providing equal rights to them and many more sectors that deals about uplifting women’ standard in the society, but the concern about the safety of women is still in our mind. The crime against women have been rising, and in such case are pepper sprays, Penknives, Tactical pen always reliable?The Nirbhaya’s case is still fresh in our mind and heart. Safety of women is the utmost priority which a nation, a family, as well as a woman, thinks about. So, dealing this with the help of technology is not a bad idea. As technology has reached to height, there are so many devices and apps invented for the safety purpose of women. Helping women to find help more quickly or, giving them a tool to defend the attacker can make a huge difference.

safety for women
Every woman has right to feel safe, to be secure.

So, every woman has right to feel safe while on a long drive, shopping spree, while going to colleges/offices and even inside her house.I have listed below few applications which ensure security to women and proves that personal safety can benefit from technology.

ArmHer-A personalized safety gadget:

ArmHer is kind of style & fashion accessory launched by a private firm, which is linked to the cell phone via Bluetooth with a switch. In an uncanny situation, the user can press the switch and the  SOS message “Help me” will be sent to the preset contacts along with the google map location. This device is compatible to carry that looks like a keychain. This mini device helps you to feel secure about your near and dear ones. The emergency message is sent(which just takes 4 to 5 seconds) to the 5 preselected contacts simultaneously and along with that a handsfree selfie is automatically gets clicked.

ArmHer, a gadget for women safety
ArmHer, a gadget for women safety

Raksha-women safety free smartphone application:

Raksha is a free smartphone application launched by Bhartiya Janta Party of India to safeguard women, as the scenario of women rape and molestation cases urged the government to take some initiatives regarding this.

Raksha app needs to be installed on the smartphone. During an emergency, hit the alert button on the app or you have to press volume up button for almost 4 seconds(even if you have not opened the app), this will send the alerts to the contacts whose names you have predefined in the app along with the location. Sadly, the app needs to install on the relative’s device to receive alerts. Remember, the GPS of the device is mandatory to be kept ON to send the location to the preset list of contacts.

Safer: a pendant to secure you:

Safer is a pendant made up of rustproof, non-corrosive metal casing, is a fashionable wearable security device consisting of coloured stone, is developed by five students of Indian Institute Of technology and Delhi Technological university to safeguard the women with a smarter way. This wearable device is water resistant and also if lost, will not work without the phone it is paired.

SAFER app for women

This device is linked to wearer’s mobile through the application. In any critical situation, double-click on the device will send alerts to the user’s registered contacts along with nearest police station and other relatives around present around the vicinity of the danger. Remember that, smartphones are not required to be present during an emergency, the “SAFER” works isolated as well.

Chilla-a scream detection app:

Yes, you heard it right. Chilla is an app that is triggered just by a scream.Image result for chilla app for womenThe user at the time of distress has to scream or shout loudly to activate the alarm present in the app, which will send alerts to the registered contacts.

It has SOS message features too. However, the attacker does not give time such that you can take your phone and call/text someone, but in such a drastic condition a shrill scream will do everything for you. This is one of the feasible apps to ensure safety to working women. If the distressed user presses the power button five times, the audio recording automatically gets activated and the recording along with that a selfie from the front camera is sent to the emails of pre-registered 3 contacts. The location of the user and the alerts are also sent. The app consists of frequency recognition which easily distinguishes between daily noise and a scream. This quirky app also consists of SCREAM MODES such as “moderate”,” very sensitive” as well as “most accurate”.

I feel safe: no GPS no Internet

I feel safe app, launched in DU powered by Nirbhaya Jyoti  Trust in India.It is a  personal safety application for smartphone users developed in association with Mobile Standards Alliance of India.This app does not require a subscription to any data plan, wifi networks.The app sends the location of the user in every thirty seconds, interestingly it does not require to open the app on your phone but gets activated just by pressing power buttons four times.The alert message/call is sent to the registered contact as well as in the police station, where they can track your locations in real life in a very short time.This app even works if the sim card is removedThis provides 24/7 services and available free of charge.A team “I Feel Safe Team” act as a middle agent to come, support or rescue you in the emergency condition.

Life 360: stay connected with your family

The Life360 is a most widely used multiuser app which assures you the peace your mind by letting you know about every family member locations.

Life360 app for security of women

This app provides you with the facility to add members in your circle, check whether the members have reached their destinations or not.It is easy to keep your eyes on everyone in your group, it also provides the free chat options.In an emergency condition, it sends the alert message to the circle members, and in bonus, it also helps to find the lost/stolen phone.

Safetipin: check security in any  area

This mobile app provides the user to check the safety of a location. This is based on “safety audits” which are defined by various parameters to judge the location as well as its neighbourhood. This provides safety to the women driving at odd hours and also gives her to prepare her mind before entering into such a location. The user can choose who can track as well as send locations at the same time. This app recommends the alternative to any road/path to provide you safest route to reach the destination. Besides English, it is also available in Spanish, Bahasa, and Hindi. This app also collects the data at night about someplace based on parameters like the crowd, visibility, lighting and many more.Image result for safetipin app for women

Circle of 6: stay connected with close six

Circle of 6  is a unique mobile app which connects you with the circle of close 6 contacts (trusted people) whom you want to get alerts at the time of need.It basically has four types of action requests,

  • Car icon: come and get me-> It sends the location of the user with a message to ‘come and get me’ if the user feel unsafe or in a strange environment.
  • Phone icon: call me->This option sends a message “call me and pretend that you need me.I need an interruption”.

This mobile app is both available in English as well as Hindi.During formation of the group, the user must consider the ones who are close enough to help immediately when notified at the time of need.To increase the privacy and safety turn off the location service on the phone.It is an empowerment tool to promote anti-violence in the women.Circle of 6 is the winner of the Department of Health and Human Services / White House “Apps Against Abuse” Challenge in 2011, and in 2014 it was selected amongst top 100 digital social innovation project of the nominated Trust.

Bsafe: never walk alone

One of the most popular mobile around the globe which ensures that you are never walking alone.The app creates a contact list for the personal safety whom you can send emergency alerts (calls/SOS messages).All the Guardians will receive the location of the user as well.It also has a feature of fake calls with alarms at every 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 1 minute and so on to get rid of any threatening situation.It also consists of a timer, which will be triggered by your friends, if you do not reach the destination at a certain time.Bsafe automatically starts audio and video recording when the correct button is pressed and the recordings are sent to the guardians.To enjoy the premium version of the app, one needs to subscribe the app by paying extra.

Bsafe app for women

Shake2safety: Just shake to call for help

This is one of the easiest mobile apps to use. The user after installing this mobile app on her smartphone have to include the list of contacts whom she wants to send alerts in an emergency. The message which includes the location of the user, as well as a call, is placed just by shaking your phone. This app is very reliable as just requires a shake and after that, a counter of 3 to 4 seconds starts vibrating on the phone and then the message is sent. If in a case, the GPS of the phone is OFF then the last known location is sent to the preset contacts. To prevent the unintended help messages the app is fed with sensitive levels ranging from 1 to 100 and accordingly, the phone reacts to the situation.

Shake2safety app for women