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The name Islam has been derived from ‘Salam’ which means PEACE, Islam doesn’t allow anyone to do violence or causing harm to anyone. As in today’s world people are forced believe that Islam promotes Jihad which has been portrayed as “HOLY WAR”, they need to expand their horizon. In the holy Q’uran there is nothing mentioned as war, rather Allah Talah ordered everyone to live peacefully and happily.

What is JIHAD?

Jihad means struggling or striving, it is an action taken by one in case of improving one’s inner-self, fighting with the evil and evil thoughts, to explore the concept and information contained in Islam by writing, taking action against injustice, helping the sufferers and forgiving those who seek forgiveness. Jihad is a struggle to improve one’s life for a better cause in the direction of Allah with his blessings and guidance.


Islam doesn’t support the concept of fighting with innocent people in the name of Jihad. As harming virtuous is truly a sin in front of Allah and Allah never forgives those who hurt someone pure.

Media is sketching Jihad as a cause to harm the impeccable and spreading Islam all over or to be more precise as ‘holy war’. But the idea is completely wrong, clearly, it can be depicted that religion is supporting peace and in the holy Q’uran there is nothing like ‘holy war’, rather it is specifically mentioned in different parts of Q’uran  that war should be avoided wherever possible. Islam doesn’t support harming the non-believers and threatening the poor.


Allah Talah said religion is a matter of belief, and someone who doesn’t agree with your belief then he is not a sinner, you have no right to force your religion or your belief to them, as faith and religion cannot be enforced on any person but it is the voluntary decision of each person. Every person is innocent in front of Allah. And those who cause harm to decent in the name of Allah is a sinner to him. Also, those who are killing themselves in the name of Jihad thinking that they are blessed with the death of a martyr and surely going to paradise has a completely false concept. Allah is supreme, he is knowledgeable and knows our best, he has all the rights in our life be it this one or after death, he said very clearly “TAKING ONE’S LIFE BY SELF IS A SIN, AND HE WHO COMMITS THIS SHALL NEVER BE FORGIVEN”. Fighting for justice is Jihad, if a Muslim sees something injustice in front of him and when possible he is raising his voice is Jihad. It was explained by an incident which, in his battlefield one of the enemy soldiers spat on Ali at this he threw his sword and when asked by his allies he replied “If I would kill him at that instance then fight will no longer be for JUSTICE rather to quench the thirst of my anger which is not acceptable“. Jihad with a sword is less preferred by Allah, the reason is Allah guides his followers to be on the path of harmony, equity, and mercy. It is allowed when there is no other way to make a stand for your thing i.e. fighting for one’s nation, all the soldiers are performing Jihad as they are protecting their home, their land and their belongings by all means they get. The Q’uran doesn’t permit killing or oppression of the non-believers of Islam, freedom of religion among all people is acceptable by Q’uran. Courtesy and mutual co-existence must be practiced. And religion requests all the believers to treat everyone lovingly and impartially.

We all practice Jihad, who wants a life enlighten by SATAN, or INJUSTICE or suppress the knowledge contained in religion. So Jihad is not bad it is for the benefit of everyone, to enlighten one’s life with right thoughts under the right guidance. May Allah guide us all.


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