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Islam the religion of purity and justice teaches us to safeguard our pride and honor, to follow modesty. All Muslims are given right to choose what is best for them. The religion is not just a religion but a way of life and to enhance the quality of with the right decision in right time.

Regardless of gender, people have the liberty to go with what is best for them. They are allowed to choose the one whom they wanna marry. Though some see Muslim sisters as an oppressed part who is forced to marry the one as per her parents will. But what is the perspective of religion regarding this? no one tries to understand what does religion say about the thing.

Islam allows all descendants of Mohammed to choose their life partner within the limits of modesty. Here modesty refers to the HALAL path i.e. if you like someone does not cross your limits, you are allowed to make a proposal whether in written or verbal, and make sure that as per mutual acceptance you are going to accept each other as husband and wife as per the guidance of Q’uran.


Muslim women are given equal rights, they have a chance to select the one they wanna spend their life with. And no one can deny the thing that during NIKAH both need to sign the NIKAHNAMA, no one can force her to do something against her wish.

Marriage is the mutual agreement and there is no evidence or rules regarding imposing something on a lady in Islam.  NIKAH is considered and accepted as one of the righteous and compulsory things in Islam, so Allah has given his followers to be with the right person.

The right person is someone who follows the path of Mohammed, one who is guided by Allah, one who accepts holy Q’uran as the guidebook of life. But the question is where to find the righteous person? The answer is simple anyone who has faith in Allah, who do Salah and Ramadan willingly and happily, who is in the direction as explained in Q’uran.

What is love-making in ISLAM?

Love making in Islam has accepted again as a mutual decision. People are allowed to have children, give pleasure to their partner and be loyal to each other. Sex outside marriage is considered as a sin. And if anyone is attracted to someone and sees future with them then they must ask their elders and go through the legal rules.

Islam is not against love rather it gives a shape to it. It guides love to be in the right direction and with the blessings of Allah it is accepted when it becomes Halal. Allah created everyone in pairs and as mentioned in Islam “PURITY IS REFLECTED AND HENCE ATTRACTED”, one is given all the rights to choose the right and pure heart for together forever.



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