Sharjeel Khan:Pakistani Cricketer Banned for Five-Years

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Sharjeel Khan , the censured batsman has finally decided upon submitting a supplication to the Anti-Corruption Tribunal of the Pakistan Cricket Board against the five-year ban pressed upon him on charges of spot-fixing in Pakistan Super League. He has been banned by the panel from 10th February after his suspension by the Board under the code of Anti-Corruption of PCB and was sent back home from Dubai.

Shaighan Ezaj, the lawyer of the Pakistani Cricketer corroborated to the Press Trust of India (PTI) that they have reached to a settlement to supplicate the ban of five years charged against him. The ground on which the supplication would be laid is yet to be decided till the full order of the panel comes out by September 7th.

sharjeel khan banned for five years
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According to Mr. Ejaz, the supplication would be indexed as they want to settle their qualms regarding the major charges pressed against Sharjeel Khan by the panel including spot-fixing and finding the cricketer guilty of the violation. According to a source, he was not ready to carry the slander before his name all his life.

He seems very tenacious to keep up with the denomination of being called a spot-fixer even though the decree pronounced by the panel allows Sharjeel to play cricket after 32 months. Moreover, the player has shown his discontent regarding the decision of the panel who has found him culpable of two major charges pressed against him. Sharjeel has agreed that he was made an offer and he did not suffuse the capable authority. But, he denied all the other charges.

Pakistan Cricket Board banned Sharjeel Khan for Five-years
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Shaighan Ejaz unveiled his consternation when his client, Sharjeel Khan was pronounced guilty by the panel even though the PCB failed to furnish them with any evidence against him. He contradicted all the charged against the player and said that there was no financial undertaking between the convict and the bookie and inculpated the case for having its own discrepancies. Furthermore, he criticised the Board for deciding the case in a flash as they have nothing to prove Sharjeel guilty- be it a video, an audio, a recording or a picture.

So, lastly, they stuck to the idea of coming up with this story.

Taffazul Rizvi, the official legal adviser of the PCB, asserted that both Sharjeel and the Board has the option of proffering an appeal against the panel’s decision.He announced his disapproval against the panel as they did not foist any fine over him even after being convicted on all the accounts. Moreover, he remarked that the decision to file a plea would be arbitrated after the full order of the panel transpires.

Sharjeel Khan banned for five years
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Sharjeel Khan banned for five years
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