The Brit Invades Italy! – Hamilton’s 59th GP Win at Monza

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Hamilton Scores 59th Win In 2017 Italian GP

“I love it here in Italy and I love the passion of the fans, particularly the Ferrari fans, they are fantastic. I’m happy, we did a great job. Mercedes power is definitely better than Ferrari power!” were the winner’s words after Lewie Hamilton won his 59th Grand Prix at 2017 Italian GP.

Italian GP

Winning his 69th pole position on Saturday, establishing yet another record, Hamilton set the tone of the race from the minute lights turned green, leading throughout in the Italian GP.

Italian GP

Mercedes successfully secured the 1 and 2 with without breaking a sweat.

His team mate, Valtteri Bottas, completed second and displayed amazing team spirit by acting as Hamilton’s wingman, successfully fending-off any approach from Vettel, Ricciardo and the rookie sensation, Lance Stroll.

Italian GP

For the Ferrari, it was a rather disappointing day at their home track in Monza, as Sabastian Vettel could finish the only 3rd, slipping down to second on the leaderboards of 2017 F1 season.

RedBull racing’s Danial Ricciardo had another successful race as he finished 4th in the Italian GP, an im[ressive drive considering he started 16th on the grid.

The rookie sensation, Lance Stroll, William’s driver who started 2nd on the grid on ’17 Italian GP, finished 7th, only after Force India’s Esteban Ocon.

Lap by Lap: Italian GP

For a change, the grid for 2017 Italian GP was rather multicolored, with Mercedes in the front, Williams in second and Force India in third. The second Mercedes started fourth while the two Ferraris started fifth and sixth.

Italian GP

Lap 1 to 10:

From the very beginning, the Hamilton dominated the race, while Bottas, Ricciardo, Vettel, and Kimi struggled on.

Italian GP

RedBull’s Max Verstappen suffered a punctured in the 3rd lap after a brief contact with William’s Philipe Massa.

Italian GP

Ocon was struggling to fend off attacks from Mercedes, Ferrari and now Williams for the second position.

By the end of the 10th lap, Mercedes was able to capture the 1 and 2, with Hamilton still leading comfortably and Bottas trailing 2.854 sec behind him.

Lap 11 to 20:

By the 12th lap, the race was set as Hamilton was cruising comfortably with an 11.2 sec lead. The battle, however, was hot in the mid tables where Stroll was taking in Ocon and Ricciardo was gaining laps.

Vettel split open Ocon, taking advantage of the Ferrari DRS, and settling upon the 3rd.

Close to the 20th lap, Ricciardo drove flawlessly, closing the gap and taking the fifth position.

End of the 20th lap, Hamilton had a 4.392 sec lead, something no one was imagining to take-on.

Lap 21-30:

Ocon pitted, a rather slow pit stop by Force India, pulling him down to seventh. But with a fresh pair of tires, he started attacking Vandoorne and Raikkonen.

Raikkonen attacking Ocon, gained the 6th position, while Stroll trying to pull him down to 8th.

By the end of the 30th lap, Vettel was 17.554 sec behind the Leaders, with no intention to take them on.

Lap 31 to 40:

Palmer becomes the first retiree of the race, still struggling with DNF and waiting for his first season points.

Vettel, Bottas and eventually Hamilton made their first pit stops, switching to soft tires. Mercedes made great pit times, 2.6 for Hamilton and 2.2 for Bottas, resulting in the duo keeping the lead.

Vandoorne decided not to fight any further and had another DNF for the season.

Raikkonen and Ricciardo fighting tooth and nail, but Ferrari maintains the lead.

Italian GP

Lap 41 to 50:

The tone of the race is set. Hamilton, Bottas, and Vettel leading Italian GP 2017.

Ricciardo, with a spectacular move, passed over Raikkonen and cementing the final standings.

Suber Ferrari’s Marcus Ericsson, struggling throughout the race, became the third DNF of Italian GP.

Final Laps:

With a massive lead over 2 and 3, Hamilton ran towards the final lap, leading the race throughout. Bottas and Vettel, holding their positions, prepare for another podium finish.

Alonso, however, couldn’t finish, as the McLaren curcumin to its injuries, caused due to contact with Palmer, causing him to retire on the second last lap. Sad, he couldn’t finish here in Italian GP.

Italian GP

Checkered Flag:

The race ends with Hamilton taking it home, here at Monza, 2017 Italian GP, followed by Bottas and Vettel.

Italian GP

A very impressive run by Ricciardo, finishing 4th, scoring some very important points for him and RedBull.

The final math:

As predicted last week, Hamilton has taken the lead on the 2017 Formula 1 season. Hamilton now leads by 3 points. Not much of a lead, but big enough to put the Brit in the driver seat. With half the season over, a win in Italian GP will boost Hamiltons confidence in taking the Singapore GP, focusing on maintaining the lead.

Italian GP

Vettel, with his eyes on his fifth title, doesn’t have much to worry about, as we have seen Ferrari pick up the pace in the mid season. The leaders, however, must look out for the Australian stallion, Daniel Ricciardo. His ruthless and bold, yet safe driving, has given him some great victories so far. A few more podium wins in remaining might put him in the winner circles after all.

As far as Constructors are considered, Mercedes has a clear dominance over the other and it is highly unlikely to change over the remaining half of the season.