One step forward to kindness-proven by Sneha Rungta

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Every day we have some opportunities offered to us to help the needy and the unprivileged.Life sustenance and survival on the other side of our esteemed boundaries is not easy but as a matter of fact unfortunate and daring.People like Sneha Rungta has set up a bold example for those individuals out there who look forward to helping animals and actually doing it thereby without any circumstantial barriers.

Sneha Rungta has been feeding stray dogs and getting them the possible medications they require for a long time.From cooking meals for them on a regular basis to protecting them from all kinds of menace, Sneha Rungta has done it all. Sneha Rungta has managed to change the perception of individuals who inflict abuse on these pure creatures.Not only has she saved the adult dogs but also by getting them sterilized, she has been able to save the life of approximately 20 puppies.It is a great achievement on her part indeed.

The grand initiative taken by her has changed the lives of these neglected creatures.Sneha Rungta has got around 100 strays sterilized in Kolkata.With her deeds, she has proved that nothing is out of your reach if you have will to do it.

Although to get these all done was an uphill task for her.She has to go through numerous challenges to help the strays because of the opposition she faced from society but nothing has stopped her from her compassionate deeds.

The most important thing is ofcouse, self awareness.People should get the urge of not harming the Pariahs from within.-Sneha Rungta

One step forward to kindness-proven by Sneha Rungta
Feeding the strays regularly is her ritual.

Accordingly from her side, strictly prohibits the use of animal carts as rides and tormenting the lives of these creatures.In future, she wants to set up an organization of her own to offer more helping aids and she wants to promote neutering in all the states of our country.

One step forward to kindness-proven by Sneha Rungta
Sneha Rungta posted this as her protest towards banning of animal carts and animal rides.

Well, there should be more compassion in this world and more protests towards the infringement of this shattering delusional state of the animals.More people should think of her and help to make this world a better place.