The theory of studying “smart” and not “hard”.

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We need to work really hard to achieve success. What is the success? The meaning of success differs with different people. Some people would relate it to earning hefty amount of money. While for some people it might be to study, and clear that exam or land into their dream company or get their dream job. There are people who measure success by how luxuriously they lead their lifestyle.Opt for smart work and not hard work

But there is one thing that’s common in most of the cases. Studies. Whether you need that dream job, or that dream position or even want to get into entrepreneurship, you need to give in your blood and sweat to it.

So, what does it mean when people say “study hard”?

It is never intended to study 24 hours a week. What matters the most?  The results, of course. Nobody cares what have you been through while preparing for a particular exam. Whether you devoted 10 hours a day or simply studied a night before an exam, the only thing that matters is results.

So, what should be our smart strategy to score really well?

 Strategic planning: it is never a good idea to start from the scrap and to in-depth analysis when you have barely 30 days left. Whether you have ample time or you are procrastinating always prepare a strategy at first and study accordingly.Plan your studies

 Consistency: the most important thing is to be consistent while studying. Don’t just keep on mugging up chapters one after another. Take a break every few days and review what have you learned. Revision is vital.Have consistency in studies

Concentration: There is no use of studying 5 hours if you have barely understood the topics. Do qualitative study rather than just counting hours. Make sure you are totally focused while you are studying.

study with concentration

Confidence: At last, be confident. Keep faith in yourself throughout your preparations and while sitting for an exam.Be confident about your preparation

Follow all of this religiously and you will surely get succeeded.

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