The theory of standing out in the crowd

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The theory of standing out in the crowd by Sakshi Darpan 

In the world full of clichés and platitude, the authenticity has gone missing. The show-offs and influential surroundings have outsmarted our individuality. We cease to be original and more like the people we sit, talk, wander, and spend our most of the time with.  The true meaning of introspection doesn’t even exist in the real lives dictionary of ourselves.

What does standing out mean? Well, its meaning varies with people. For some people, it may mean to perform best, while to mean it might also mean to embrace their individuality.

The idea of “what if” strike us so hard that we almost forget our authenticity. But the reality is, if we respect and who we truly are or who we want to be or what we want to do we already are out in the crowd. Not because we are doing anything different than them but because those natural antiques are something that’s incomparable.  Everyone is different. So, are you. Here is a compiled list of few do’s to stand out in the crowd.

  • Take advice. Take criticism. Listen to yourself.

Listen to what your friends and their friends and your cousins and their cousins have to say. We don’t have to obey all of it. Do we? Either take the piece of advice that matters or leave it altogether.

The theory of standing out in the crowd

  • Improvise

We need to be better than what we are now. And not better than that friend or cousin or neighbor or relative. Apart from studying the chapters, study people. The achievement is when improvise. People around us feel it and you automatically stand out in the crowd.

The theory of standing out in the crowd

  • Know that prioritizing the pieces of stuff and keeping your preferences above than what your friends expect is not selfish. We set goals and things come our way. When we are sorted with what we want the opinions barely matter. The theory of standing out in the crowd
  • Wander alone. A good company is irresistible. Try it!

The theory of standing out in the crowd

  • Be precise and straightforward.

We don’t have to be the crowd pleaser. Be assertive for what you believe in. Be outspoken about what bothers you. This attitude already creates a positive lasting impression. Just in case it doesn’t consider the crowd you are in.

The theory of standing out in the crowd

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