Inaugauration of Chabahar port by Iran

5 months ago pratyush shukla 0
Mr. Hassan Rouhani ,the President of Iran , inaugurated Chabahar port as a newly constructed outlet for Arabian sea. This port on the Gulf of Oman is the closest sea link for Iran to Indian ocean. It is also a rival to the Gwadar port of Pakistan. It is nearly 80 km from the border of Read More

Car blast in Afghanistan claims another 13 lives

8 months ago Sneha Nair 0
Afghanistan sees the loss of atleast 13 lives in another attack in Helmand A car was bombed on Sunday in a market area, killing at least 13 and injuring around 19 others in the district of Nawa, Afghanistan. The attack targeted a military vehicle, days after a preceding bomb attack on another vehicle, near the Read More

New Afghan Strategy to be announced by Trump

8 months ago Global Daily Tribune . 0
Today the US President Donald Trump will announce the new Afghan strategy of America for Afghanistan; nearly about 16 years after the war began in the country. In the reports, the White House said that its administration looked into the possibilities of the roles for India during its policy review. Trump’s talk to US troops and Read More