Oral cancer will cause 30% deaths by 2020

2 months ago Rishita Raj 0
Oral cancer is responsible for the highest number of cancer deaths in India as compared to the other country. By the year 2020, oral cancer alone i.e. cancer of tongue, lip, cheek will constitute at least 30 percent of the whole of cancer incidences worldwide. India constitutes about  1/3rd of cancer in head and neck Read More

Liver Problems caused by Drinking Early in Life

3 months ago Saloni Hindocha 0
A recent study shows that people who start drinking early in their lives have greater chances of developing liver problems in adulthood. Alcohol is the leading cause of liver-related deaths and liver cirrhosis. A long-term study in Sweden suggests that guidelines for safe alcohol intake in men might have to be revised downwards. Current recommended Read More