What is the deal with goodbye?

2 weeks ago Anamika Dutta 0
We all set ourselves strata of boundaries within which we fit in wherever we go but it is true that we always a carry a portion of ourselves even when we are trying hard to fit in. Goodbye is also a part of these boundaries.  The acceptance letter came. I was more than unhappy as Read More

Are we unknowingly devaluing our worth?

4 weeks ago Anamika Dutta 0
Abruptly, what they say about keeping topnotch expectations from life -“Never Settle“. Seeking your worth is not an easy road to travel. It can be the war with yourself that purges the concreteness of the fact that somewhere in the middle of our choices, “We are comprising on our true worth”. Life trains us to accept Read More

42 Indian languages towards extinction

4 weeks ago Rishita Raj 0
Languages are a vital tool of communication for every human and non-human entity without which we cannot imagine our life, the language is evolved from early eras and some languages which are used by fewer people needs to be saved from getting extinct as  with the extinction of any language the customs, beliefs, culture associated Read More

“In sickness and in health”- Wedding vows created realism

1 month ago Anamika Dutta 0
Wedding season is on its way and we are all excited to witness the ultimate “happily ever after” of real-life couples and of course the whole package of joy and awaited get together that comes with weddings. The thing about marriage lies in the truth of the vows taken for a lifetime promise between two Read More

Small things matter in changing our lives

1 month ago Anamika Dutta 0
Are we really relying on the bigger picture too much? Dwelling on the castles that we build in the air is a great initiative towards the blueprint of our dreams that are yet to be properly planned.The time lag and the competitiveness of the society will manipulate us in all different ways to dive into Read More

Travelling plans to consider this year.

2 months ago Sakshi Darpan 0
Travelling – how does it sound? Does it sound enthralling, interning, adventurous and enigmatic right? Well, how about considering traveling a major goal this year. Here are types of itinerary plans you should definitely consider embarking on. Solo traveling. Pack your bags. Grab your favorite chic, comfortable and floral beach dresses from your wardrobe and Read More

Why is it important to step out of your comfort zone?

2 months ago Sakshi Darpan 0
Why is it important to step out of your comfort zone?  by Sakshi Darpan Every person is different. People have their own zones, where they feel safe and stay comfortable. We pretty much get engaged with our monotonous mundane everyday routine. We start off our day with our favorite cup of drink and come to Read More

Problems Itself Have It’s Solution

8 months ago Prateesha 0
We all have some problems of our life; we never generate them. We only react against them, and our reaction only proves what we are up to and how challenging we are, when we walk through roads, we choose either right or left, the same procedure we apply to our lives when we, either we Read More